Little Else is a Fairy, (she was wings and everything) - and she is the younger sister of Dotty Farnsbarnes, who is, - her elder sister. She’s known as “Little Else” because her name is really Elsie, and she’s little.

She is kind hearted, brave and pretty, - but she would never go out with a slug in a million years, even a rich, good looking one. This obviously poses a challenge for Ergo who, in any case is neither rich nor good looking. .

Elsie wears a ballet tutu for no real reason, - she just thinks she looks good in it, which is true. She often wears odd socks with her trainers, because she thinks t makes her look wacky and quirky.

However, Elsie has more mature qualities which come in very useful in a crisis, and she gets a chance to demonstrate these to us during the course of the action. She lives in the Tree House in Woodland Land, with big sister Dotty, Dotty’s husband, Nigel Farnsebarnes and a Large Disused Owl.