He describes himself as “ a slug of medium size”. What does he want? Hands. When does he want them? Now. Why does he want them? So he can learn to play the piano and also they would come in handy for other things. He does have “knobbly bits” though, and they can be almost as good as hands in many situations.

He is secretly, but passionately in love with Little Else. His chances of attracting her are lower than a snake’s arse. Fairies just don’t find slugs attractive. They are slimy, for a start, and not really the right shape for matrimonial purposes.

Ergo is full of ambitions and a lust for adventure. Will this endear him to Elsie? If he can defeat the evil Pigfrogs who come down from the Mountains every Christmas to jump on you (fatally) – in order purely to spoil your Christmas, will that make Elsie like him more.?

Meanwhile, we find him at the beginning of the movie watching the Don’t Be So Ridiculous Valley Marching Band perform their annual parade, and dreaming of adventures beyond those normally dreamed about by slugs. He may be “only a slug” but he’s a special one.