Welcome to DON¹T BE SO RIDICULOUS VALLEY, home of ERGO the slug, and some fairies, plus quite a lot of other slugs, gnomes and stuff. We (some humans) are making a movie which will soon be FORTHCOMING to a SCREEN not a million miles away from YOU.

Can a slug defeat an army of nasty, evil, Christmas-hating, slug-squashing PIGFROGS? Can a slug learn to play the piano, even though he has no hands? Can he trick a beautiful fairy into fancying him for long enough to marry him and live happily ever after? Probably not, but if you don¹t try...

Step with us into the crazy world of ERGO. Join us for a walk across Don¹t Be So Ridiculous Valley (which is actually a hill) to Woodland Land, home of Nigel and Dotty Farnsebarnes (two other fairies). Yep, there¹s a ton of fairies in this movie, and heaps of slugs. You won¹t go short of fairies and slugs in THIS movie, no, Sir!

Hope you like the website. Try to keep it tidy and make sure you sign the guestbook and close the door quietly on your way out.

Lots of love,

The Producers,
The Chronicles Of Don¹t Be So Ridiculous Valley
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